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The Penny Auction Software

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Penny auction software is a fully-featured, powerful and scalable auction script that helps create online penny auction websites, like swoopo, pennysteal and bidster. It is also known as Swoopo Clone or Telebid. it not only allows one to create one’s own fully-functional auction website but also allows to manage the complete online auction operation like creating new auction within seconds, managing auctions, managing bids from customers, generating transaction reports, presenting the “buy it now” option, generating discount coupons and configuring hot lists among other things.

Penny auction software has unlocked finally a lot of prospects for new age group entrepreneurs to walk along path and make proceeds and new inventive grounds for themselves and the users. People choosing for it have understood gradually and progressively that it’s a best method to make money. Purchasing this software from an genuine source is of greatest significance because while managing your business upon this stage you would be penetrating secret data into the penny auction website and you require to be particularly cautious about your information, hence if the source is unauthenticated a lot of your wealth, data and attempt can be at chance, finally landing in incorrect hands.

Our penny auction software is a powerful, scalable & fully-featured auction script that let you create the ultimate profitable online penny auction website, likepennysteal,swoopo, bidster, and mdbid. It allows YOU to manage the entire online auction operation including: creating new auctions within seconds, managing auctions, managing customers, running transaction reports, offering the“buy it now” option, generating discount coupons, configuring hot lists; the list goes on and on.

Our penny auction script will allow you to setup comprehensive and robust auction sites with two auction types: regular penny auction and “buy seats” auction (users must buy seats to participate). Site administrator can adjust auction time, steps, bid increments, date format, user authentication, graphic design layout and other parameters within the admin control panel. Auction payments are integrated with PayPal and/or dozens of other payment gateway providers like authorized.net. All you need to do is to select a gateway(s) and we will set everything up for you!
Penny auction software from an unauthenticated source can also land you in circumstances where your complete website can land in circumstances with dodgy and dangerous viruses and bugs. Extraordinary and progressed skill and knowledge are needed for the group working on this field. Not every software company is able of totally comprehending the difficulties and errors of penny auctions as it required a lot of information and strategic knowhow of skill together. Focused installation and difficulty may vary hand in hand with Penny software; therefore you have to be confident that it installing up method and standard help is free from its company. Its testing, installation and modification is provided by the real company before your penny auction website live.

There are two kinds of auction which is taken up by this penny auction software. They are the regular penny auction and the “buy seats” auction in which users must buy seats to participate in bidding. Site administrator has the control to regulate auction steps, auction time, date format, bid increment, graphic design layout, user authentication and other parameters within the admin control panel. The auction software is written in Object Oriented Programming in PHP and mySQL which is usually referred as LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL and PHP). And bids can be placed through either getting online or through SMS.

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